by Sebastián

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released August 14, 2015

Sebastián - voice and guitar
Lennon P. Bone - drums, percussion
Coleen Dieker - strings
Thom Hoglen - bass
Chase Horseman - electric guitar
Ryan Whitehouse - drums

Produced and engineered by Lennon Bone at Element Recording Studios in Kansas City
Mastered by Joel Nanos.


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Sebastián Missouri

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Track Name: Prairie Song
There are some mornings when the sun melts meringue edges on the snowy wash that covers the cornfield,
And all you need are some boots and a jacket to wade through the waning winter.

I was here before the railways came, I am the dust of men;
I'll be here once they've gone again, I am the dust of men.

I'm that brightest bit of sunshine that blinds you before it sets,
I'm the blown-out bluffs that gave way to small towns you can't forget.
I'm the changing of the seasons, the eternal cycle strong,
I'm the snow the sleet the wind, the hail that make the prairie song.

And so you'll go on wandering under the open sky,
Along the same old sidewalks, counting all the same street signs.
You'll see bits of eternity in every sun-kissed cliff, and you'll wonder where it's all gone.
Track Name: Marion St.
On Marion street, in Madison, Missouri, there's a girl who's given up. She's standing on the porch in some pink running shorts, just staring at her boyfriend's truck. State school seems so long ago, and she's eager to forget the stained white walls of those residential halls, and the promises she kept.

Black cherries in a Wal-Mart bag, cigarette butts in the creek out back; tried to quit when she came to Christ, but she couldn't.
Flyover life doesn't feel quite right, so she goes walking through the woods at night. The big sky doesn't bring her any hope, how could it?
She swipes at spiderwebs amidst the morning fog. She can't put her finger on exactly what feels wrong.
She says, "give me a sedative, and throw me away."

All her pictures are blurred, and she can't read the words spelled out on the neon marquee. In her cheer uniform in a thunderstorm, dolled up for the world to see. Maybe she fell for the wrong kind of man; carved their initials in the old bandstand. Paint chips away with years like meaning.

In the nameless Main street bar, there's something understood: every man hangs on his woman like she'd leave him if she could. A great-plains Polyanna, as if she ever was. She smiles at passers-by and never makes a fuss.
Prom night proposals and the like have got her spent. Class rings, and petty things; she never even went.
She says, "give me a sedative, and throw me away."

The world wakes up and she goes to sleep, with the gun she grabbed off the mantelpiece. Blood on the bunting, sweat soaked sheets; balmy august, humid heat.
Give me a sedative, throw me away.
Track Name: In the North
I've seen you laugh but I've never seen you blush
I guess for me that could never be enough
I want to know you like a love song sung by heart
And if you asked I'd say I've known it from the start

Because I get stuck in all these fifty cent cliches
Always struggling for a clever thing to say
A little something stupid trying to make you laugh
Like silly dreams of someday riding a giraffe

But I'll honor every memory we might have made
Every time I would've said your name
Forever walking with you through the cold that Friday night
The warm glow in your eyes from the porch light

Awash with reds and yellows orange is the North
Seems every weekend I'm there driving back and forth
Across the rivers through the prairie and the plains
Each passing mile marker seems to spell your name

It's not the distance in between that brings the bends
No it's the thought that I might not see you again
But like an elephant I don't think I'll forget
Your black dress in that first moment when we met

I feel so useless here, and I know you're there
Beyond the frozen hills, beyond that winter glare
And it'll be so long, I'll be so far away and all I'll have is this song
Track Name: Oh Snow
Oh snow, have you come from my home state,
Through the branches of trees I climbed as a kid?

Oh snow, have you come from the plains states,
Up and over the great lakes to find me here?

See you brushed off the shoulder of one I left behind,
Settling on the bend of a river stuck in time.

Oh snow, soak me to the bone like you always did at home;
Leave me numb, leave me numb.
Oh snow, soak me to the bone, like you always did at home.

Oh snow, have you dusted the driveways and the backyards across my two highway town?
Oh snow, settle deep settle quiet; bring me peace I can lie in for the night.

Stick around for a couple days, I'll be leaving soon anyway
And I wish you could come with me.
Over wheat fields and silos, cover everything I know in your quiet and your calm.

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